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Consortium Members

The ISIS consortium brings together water company end-users with security and sensor specialists from the research, academic and SME communities across Europe. The partnership of 10 includes four SMEs, and has the capability to exploit the key results of the project.

Members of the consortium are:


C-Tech LogoC-Tech Innovation Ltd is an independent research and technology development and consulting SME with over 40 years’ experience in providing innovation services to industry, universities and governmental bodies, frequently in environmental applications. With capabilities in innovation management, research and technology development using in-house laboratories and workshops process, product and service improvement, and intellectual property exploitation, the company has an ability to apply chemistry, physics and biological science in innovative commercial applications. Contribution to ISIS: C-Tech Innovation is the project coordinator for ISIS.


Kauno LogoKauno Vandenys provides high quality drinking water, and collects and treats wastewater in the Kaunas city area. The Company operates in a 1180 km potable water supply network, 1000 domestic wastewater and rain water network, five well fields and two water improvement facilities, and has more than 150 pumping stations, and mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plants. Kauno Vandenys serves more than 343,000 inhabitants plus companies and factories. Contribution to ISIS: Kaunos will play a major role in assessment of water treatment security needs and will participate in dissemination and training.


Vivaqua LogoVivaqua is a public owned company with more than 100 years experience of water treatment and drinking water distribution. Nowadays, the company delivers a mean volume of 370,000 m3 per day to 2.1 million people in Belgium, mainly located in the city of Brussels. The drinking water is produced from ground waters (70%) and surface water (30%). Since 2001, the company is also active in wastewater collection and treatment. The company employs 1650 employees. Vivaqua’s water quality department has an extensive experience in water monitoring, water treatment and drinking water research and development. Contribution to ISIS: VVQ will lead on the assessment of water system security needs and will host on-site trials.


CNIGuard LogoCNIguard is an SME and is a manufacturer of smart sensoring systems for critical infrastructure, including water distribution systems. It has offices in the United Kingdom and in the United States and is certified to ISO 9001: 2008. CNIguard delivers Smart Sensoring Systems to enhance the safety and security of critical infrastructure. Contribution to ISIS: CNIguard will be leading the development of the integrated sensor system, assuming a major role in dissemination and training and will have a major support role in demonstration and validation, and in exploitation and intellectual property.


Advantic LogoAdvantic Sistemas y Servicios is a high-tech SME which has an important background in information and communication technologies specialising in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and other remote monitoring systems. Main application targets are in the field of energy efficiency, environment monitoring, and automation. Thanks to its solid technological background in WSN, its collaboration network (including Asia and Latin America), and its highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals it is capable of offering its clients competitive and effective technological solutions in more than 35 countries. Contribution to ISIS: Advanticsys will be mainly involved in the development and implementation of wireless sensor networking system. Moreover, it will actively participate in the integration of biological and chemical sensors into a wireless interface.


Aleksandro LogoAleksandras Stulginskis University is an institution of higher education and research, which is constantly improving its activity to meet students needs. At present it has over 7000 students, who have chosen study programmes in the fields of biomedicine, technologies and social sciences. It is the only state institution of higher education and science in Lithuania where highly qualified specialists of agriculture, forestry and water husbandry are trained. Contribution to ISIS: Assessment of water system security needs, to support the team leader and major role partners to prepare the assessment of vulnerability, performance specification and assessment of integration issues, the development of the integrated sensor system, and to install pilot unit in water supply system and perform its trials, prepare exploitation plan and make techno-economic evaluation.


CEA LogoCEA is a leading French public research organisation whose fields range from the nuclear industry to microelectronics and bioscience. CEA-LIST ("Laboratoire d'Intégration des Systèmes et des Technologies") is a technological research division of CEA. With the project based culture of its 300 members, CEA-LIST combines basic research and applied research, and is strongly connected to many academic laboratories and industrial companies. The Diamond Sensors Laboratory (LCD) involved in ISIS is very active in the field of CVD diamond growth, with skills and knowledge ranging from material and surface science to sensors and microsystems development, metrology, data analysis, simulation, and systems implementation. Contribution to ISIS: The development of highly sensitive transducers based on synthetic diamond micro-cantilevers. Tasks will aim at the fabrication of robust and serviceable sensors including communications. 


Uni of Vienna LogoThe University of Vienna is the oldest and largest University of Austria comprising of overall 18 faculties and centres covering almost the entire area of sciences with the exception of medical and technical sciences as well as art and has a century-long track record of high-class science and teaching. Overall, it employs around 6000 academics. The sensor group at UNIVIE focuses on designing artificial, sensitive materials directly on-chip in a straightforward way. The main techniques are supramolecular recognition, molecular imprinting and design of tailored affinity materials. Contribution to ISIS: The design of MIP materials for chemical and biological analytes. The development of MIP nanoparticle strategies for organic contaminants and coating techniques compatible with microcantilevers for bioanalytes. Sensor testing and supplying sensor systems and know-how.


Vergata LogoUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata Sensors Group is a research initiative started in 1994. The University of Rome Tor Vergata was founded in 1982 and it is the second largest public university in Rome. The Department of Electronic Engineering is part of the Faculty of Engineering and carries out researches in the following fields: high frequency electronics, VLSI, optoelectronics and solar cells, high power electronics, sensors and microsystems. The unit involved in this project is the Sensors and Microsystems group. The main research interests are in chemical sensors, biosensors, molecular materials, and artificial sense systems (olfaction and taste) and their application to food, environment, and medicine. Contribution to ISIS: The main task in this project is the design, the development and the application of chemical sensors for chemical species in liquid and in atmosphere (volatile organic compounds). Leading on the research and development of chemical sensor technologies.


 alt=IOS International is a Belgian application software provider that focuses on the digitisation, control, structuring and updating of very specific content, provides an in-house developed flexible data platform with extensive query and reporting functionalities, and delivers scenario based information to the mission critical activities of an organisation or in other words, making data “actionable”. The vision of IOS International is to provide the State-of-the-Art Visualisation and Reporting Solution for Asset Information Management in Trusted Partnerships Worldwide. Contribution to ISIS: IOS provides specialist expertise in integration of risk analysis software into smart systems. They will be heavily involved inthe development of the integrated security system, including integration, specification and design. They will support the commissioning of the smart system and the real-life trials. As a commercial SME, they will have a strong role in Exploitation.